1. Alaglas Fiberglass Pools have a 50 year structural warranty (unlike a vinyl liner with a 10 to 25 yr warranty – seams ONLY). This is what keeps the water in your pool!

2. Fiberglass Pools come to you as a finished product with quality control done at the factory. Vinyl liner pools come in a kit form that needs to be assembled in your yard. Most times by inexperienced summer help.


3. Fiberglass Pools have no vinyl liner to replace – EVER! Average cost to replace a vinyl liner — $2950.00. Most customers will need to replace the liner TWICE in the time they own their pool. That’s almost $6000.00 for liners!!!!

4. Fiberglass Pools stay cleaner and require less vacuuming time. Maintenance is reduced by 90% due to the non-porous finish of fiberglass.. More fun – less work!

5. Fiberglass Pools use 60% less chemicals because the non-porous interior does not harbor bacteria and permit algae growth as does a vinyl liner pool.

6. Fiberglass Pools use less electricity because you do not have to run your filter 24 hrs. per day.

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